Monday, December 05, 2011

Two wondrous answers to prayer, and a birthday dream

Three sweet little godwinks from God this morning. One about affirming the word and speaking to the mountains, one about a particular youtube preacher friend, one about dieting. All three were things I was thinking about last night. So I feel God was telling me this morning that he was with me last night.

Other than that: two wonderful answered prayers. The first: My friend Tamera went to the doctor and they saw a mass on her chest. The Prayer Center on facebook prayed for her and when she went back to the doctor, the mass had disappeared.

Another answer to prayer: My friend Jessica was supposed to take the MRSE. She and her hubby were to drive to a city about 100 and 200 miles away, both taking the tests the next day in different cities. She had been worried so we prayed and prayed and prayed. So she goes to this town and sits in a cafe. While there, she felt a nudge to talk to a certain woman. She went with the nudge and plucked up courage to speak to this strange woman in this strange cafe. Turns out the lady had written a book on how to take the MRSE. Then, turns out the lady had a copy of the book on her. Then, the lady GAVE Jessica the book. Jessica read the entire thing that night. The book had some incredible things that Jessica would never have known about. Upshot, Jessica passed the MRSE

Is our God personal and upclose and good or what?

Okay, I'm one of those people who really think dreams on holidays and on birthdays are super-important. So, today is my birthday and last night I had this odd little dreamlet. I was showing a little boy how to walk to school.

The school was in between two blocks. One block was a main road with snow that had gotten dirty. The block behind the school was a quieter block and it was called TURN street. (Yeah, I know... reminds me of the verse in the Bible about the street called STRAIGHT.)

Anyways, snow was all around and --on the sidewalk-- dirty snow from the road that had piled up from snowplows or whatever. I had told the boy how to walk in such times. Because the roads were all plowed but the sidewalks were covered up and little kids could be  half-covered, more than leg-deep in the snow. By the way, it was such a sweet little boy. About 7 or 8. Light brown hair. Very sweet and kind. WHO the heck are these lovely people, especially these lovely kids, we meet in dreams? I told him how dangerous it was to walk in the road because he avoided the snow but I kinda conceded that he had to walk in the road and he should look behind himself as he walked. Later, someone told him some more advice. He said to me, "You didn't give me all the advice on how to walk to school in this snow." He wasn't chiding me, but I did feel a bit imperfect to not have told him everything about how to walk. I said I was sorry, that I had missed telling him that. And he was so sweet about it. Not chiding me at all.

My friend, Rose-Marie interpreted it this way:

i think its about paying attention to small details for the sake of  hearing the voice of God. We nurture obedience, like that small child in your dreams, we have to be  absolutely honest and exact in our speaking. No shading. also, the little turn off was quieter.... God is taking you  that way. Woman!! Korea? you are not going to chase that boy that you like! NO!

The other dream that's kinda important to me is from a few days ago. I dreamed I was eating Baked Turkey, mashed potatoes, fish heads, green peas. When I woke up I instinctively knew that that was the diet God has prepared for me.  Everyone loses weight in his/her own way. I feel God is telling me not to do anything weird like all fruit or all whatever but to do what He knows is best for me. Perhaps I need protein. Who knows? But this dream -- combined with my dream of the angel pushing corn, wheat, pork, and processed food off my plate-- has given me a guide as to what to eat.

Then there was this one on the night of Dec 5th
I dreamed that I worked in an ofice with Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun joong (or was it Jung il woo.) These are Korean actors I have crushes on. Both of them were so kind to me. They invited meto a picnic inthe park "this tuesday" with a Chinese leader or king. I was so worried because I thought it was also the same day I had an appointment with Robert DeNiro. I was informed by the secretary that I should stop eating onions because even when I left a room, the aroma of onions and onion odor body odor still lingered and that when I breathed, I had onion breath. I found out the meeting was on another day and that I could go to the two different appointments, the DeNiro appointment being first. Then when I was eating with DeNiro, he also told me to stop eating onions. It was as if a day would come when the power of the onions would remain with me even if I stopped eating them. The effect of the onion would still go on. In dreams, what we digest is often what we "eat spiritually" in waking life. But what could onions mean? Unless, God really means onions. And really, I do eat raw onions ALL the time. I

Would you believe this dream came true in a weird way. I asked a friend what it means and she said, "simply don't eat onions." Then she added, "Onions are blood thinners." A week after this dream, I had to have emergency oral surgery on my teeth, the doctor asked if I  had been taking blood thinners.  I said no. Because I had given up the onions. If I had been taking the onions, my body would have had a hard time clotting. God had helped me in time. .

So yeah.. am at 270 pounds now. I want to go to Korea. God has told me I have six great works to do. I have to commit to obeying God. That's another thing. I have been putting candy bars in my mouth even when I HEAR the Holy Spirit telling me at the very same time NOT to eat it. Clearly disobedience to be saying, "Ooh, I know I shouldn't eat this but...."  So from now I'm determined to obey and to do what I know I should do.

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