Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rubber hitting the road II

Okay, I am TRYING my best to be a good Christian and all but I really have to decide about getting rid of certain stuff in my house. Not my stuff mind you. Some of these "things" have a place in my heart. Some not. Some have a "place" in my older son's heart.

Example: If I am committing to a miracle for younger son, should I be keeping all those old tattered picture books he's had for 17 years? No, i think not. Out they should go. Even if he likes hearing them, I should start reading older kid stuff to him. Maybe even the Bible.

Example: My son's hip-hop tracks on MY computer. Okay, so there I am listening to some great sermon on whatever -- faith, standing on the word, sowing and reaping, whatever-- when the sermon ends and what pops up a song my son likes (Juvenile, Lil Wayne, etc) Or a song written by my son and his hip hop band. I don't really want to get rid of these tracks cause I like music. Of all kinds. Plus those songs aren't really mine. This is pretty iffy. I really don't want to seem like one of those cookie-cutter Christians who has a house with only pure things inside it. (For instance, some of my favorite movies are rated R and I am not going to give them up for anyone just because they have a little sex and violence.) I'm thinking that blatant sexuality is annoying but some songs...well, I have a blue-grass song in my computer about reincarnation. I like the song but I don't believe in reincarnation. Can I die to self and actually toss the thing away?

Example: There I was looking over the top of the bookshelf when I see a DVD packet. I pull it down to see what the heck it was and I am greeted by these big round black women's booties in my face. Aaargh! Back in the day parents had to deal with finding porno mags, now we have to deal with finding porno mags AND porno DVD's. (No, it's not my hubby's DVD) Older son has got to stop bringing this stuff home. Now isn't this the kicker? Here I am trying to speak to spiritual mountains, trying to speak with spiritual authority to illnesses and I cannot even tell my older son to take out the garbage...kitchen garbage and otherwise.

Come on, Carole! Get yo Christian act together.
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