Friday, April 18, 2008

Tales from the hood

I told my veggie friend -- whose distrusts the media and all things normal-- that when it comes to soy she really has to remember that big corporations are behind the push for it. She's also very anti-world bank. So she should remember soy and what it's doing to Brazilian farmers.

Well, last night older son was celebrating the 21st b'day of his Turkish-American best friend Mehmet, He, Mehmet, Romance, and Battle (that's his last name but they all call him that) all went to a club in Poughkeepsie. They were having a good time when some guys approach them. Battle's big problem is that he's way too friendly with strangers. So he's being way to friendly with these guys. The next thing you know these guys are following them out in the parking lot. Much to the annoyance of older son. All of a sudden these stranger guys say, "we got a gun, let's go out and rob people." Older son is like, "Say what? What did you just say?"

Minor pause for backstory: I make older son read the proverb chapter of the day. Proverbs 1:10 goes something like, "My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say, come and lets lie in wait for the innocent and slay them for all they cash, don't do it." Other backstory: we've been praying Psalm 91 over this kid especially, "the lord delivers Logan from the snare of the fowler" Other backstory, I'm lying in bed trying to sleep -- for the eighth sleepless night in a row-- (Next week younger son is on school recess. YAY!!!!!! That makes me happy. I can rest in bed in the morning....if I don't sleep. But am planning on sleeping. And tomorrow is the weekend so I can rest all day also.) and having nothing better to do am asking God to protect older son (who didn't tell us he 'd be leaving work for a party.)

Stranger guys start being assholes and start saying "come on, it's easy." Older son and peeps walk to car with strangers still following. Someone in older son's posse says something which annoys the strangers (not sure who said it but I think it was Romance.) Strangers say, "I could kill you here, bro." That's it. Mehmet and older son get into car and peel off. This morning older son says to me, "Them Poughkeepsie guys are grimy, yo. Newburgh is worse, you know what I'm saying. But Poughkeepsie's got them clubs...and you know...well they all go there." Aaargh. I sooooo need some peace in my life. Way too much drama going on. But it's nice to know that God's got my back and that the word of God was living, active, and powerful in protecting my son.

Went to deli around the corner and who do I see looking gorgeous and 60 pounds skinnier? A woman who thinks she is more classy than I am. And what was I wearing? Crummy neighbor clothing...with no bra...and pendulous breasts flopping. I HAVE SOOOOO got to learn how to bike. And I've got to lose weight. People pick on black women for being fat as if we overeat. But there are allergy issues, stress issues, dehydration issues, and money issues. Folks just like judging.

In the past 14 months, five people have died from being arrested in police custody in Newburgh, NY. That's all I'm gonna say about that.
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