Saturday, April 19, 2008

tuna and lobster dream

I had a little dreamlet that was interesting. Dreamlets are important things. But a small dream is as important as a large dream...and sometimes even more so. It's as if God and/or the body wants to get the news to us in clear, clear, images without all that extra stuff. And I've been so sick lately, this dream definitely is speaking to me about something I need to hear. The question is: what is it saying?

I dreamt my husband or son had made seared tuna. But there was also a skillet with lobster on the burner. I knew I shouldn't eat the lobster because it is forbidden in the Bible -- the cockroach of the ocean, my gyno would say-- but I took it anyway. Then the dream ended.

First, I think the dream is about disobedience and human apetites. We are led into danger by something we "prefer" even if it's dangerous to our health.

Secondly, I think it refers to spiritual food. We have to be careful what spiritual things we allow ourselves to listen to. Itching ears want to hear certain things.

Thirdly, I think it refers to physical food. We have to eat food that is healthy for us. Non-packaged, non-processed foods primarily. Foods in MSG, with soy, unhealthy for all of us in general and very very unhealthy for some of us specifically. Also, come to think of it, lobster has a lot of glutamic acid.

Fourthly, I think it refers to emotional food such as entertainment. Today on SciFi channel, there's a creepy crawlie fest. Mosquito, Locust, etc. (Actually, locust is allowed on the Biblical diet) But perhaps I should do a lot of Bible reading, praising, simging...instead of watching movies today.

Fifthly, the tuna was real tuna. Not the canned type. That canned type gets me so sick sometimes because of the "broth" it's processed in. Frankly, i always think that real tuna is just plain too dry...but I gotta do what I gotta do.

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