Monday, April 21, 2008

wip updates

Presently working on some weird love/attraction issues. I am totally in love with Danny, my main character in Inheritance....and yet I feel as if I can't quite commit to doing a regular slice-of-life (with a bit of paranormal) story. I'm afraid of it feeling too normal and too christian and too normal christian fiction love story. And yet I'd love to just delve in and write a great sweet simple love story....which is what it seems to want to ve. I have problems writing in regular 3rd person. I simply have trouble making third person narration sound wonderful. When I write in 3rd person, it sounds pretty plodding... Ah me, why the heck do I keep complicating matters? Even if I think my 3rd person narration is pretty crappy, folks who read slice-of-life fiction are not going to get all worked up about it if I'm at least competent. I wanted to be competent and lovely, though. Maybe the beauty of the language will come when I'm finished.... we can only hope.

As for constant tower, I'm find that I've developed this weird sexual attraction to the young character called Gillan Corridor...and am working on the glossary to better understand the theology of the world.

Gotta work on Daughters of Men too. It's really up Juno's alley. Demon lover and all. IT just needs sooo much work...and it needs a plot because it's so aaaaargh.... episodic.

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