Sunday, July 13, 2008

Committing to the vision

Okay, committment one: I HAVE got to drink my water every day, stick to my routine, and avoid grains. I was kinda sleeping because I was sitting out in the sun getting my vitamin D and avoiding the wrong stuff like processed foods, reading my Bible every day, etc. But then I slipped up and have been sleepless the past two nights. Yep, as the saying goes, I have returned to my own vomit. No one to blame but me. SO COMMIT!!!

Committment two: Hubby and I have prayed for a miraculous deliverance for young son. And yet we still allow him -- at age 18-- to come to our bed with his sweet but naked self in the morning. Okay, not good. A) hubby and I are usually naked too -- so what we have are three naked folks in bed. This is not the badlands of Africa! But most important if we think that God is gonna heal this kid we have to start expecting him to behave like a regular teenager and to stop allowing this kinda toddler behavior...especially if yours truly has not slept.

So I have got to try to get him not to come to our bed without hurting his sweet little feelings. After all these years, it'll be a surprise to his little feelings...but hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Besides, we need to do an action of faith. Faith does something. Faith without works is dead. If we really believe that God is going to deliver him, we should behave as if he is already normal. Aaargh, what a life! -C
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