Thursday, July 10, 2008

dreams, visions, and strange events -- the courtcase edition

Will be gone for the latter half of the day. Today is the last court date for my glue incident. ::rolling eyes:: Well, I've learned my lesson. Am gonna learn what my fine will be. I actually had to forgive this person and really had to get rid of the hatred I had in my heart against him.

Something interesting happened this morning. Every morning the alarm comes on to an easy listening station. I generally put on a religious tape or I put the radio on to a white rap/rock station with white DJ's. Those are my two favorite stations but the easy listening station is pretty civilized and does local Hudson valley news and school closings but they have a horoscope thingey every morning so I try to turn the radio to another channel before the horoscope comes on. The white rap/rock station on the other hand is a bit raunchy and is funny as heck and has a list of gossip of the day and I try not to listen to the gossip because I just think it's meanspirited to talk about people even if they are famous and being stupid. So there's a lot of avoidng with these two stations. So I switch between both of them a lot.

But this morning for some reason I put it on to a black rap station with black DJ's and black humor. I don't listen to this station a lot because although I like rap I don't like a lot of the hard core rap. But I do like the humor. This morning they were talking about one of the DJ's and how he would suffer as a kid sitting in the bathtub with his rubber duck as his dad went to the bathroom. Yeah, i know...Carole has no problem with scatological humor.

Anyway, I haven't listened to this station in a while. This morning for some reason I turn it on. Then I say to myself, "well this is weird. I must be going to listen to this for some weird reason. Maybe God wants me to listen." So I wait in faith. What do I hear? A news program stating that black nurses in NYC sometimes make as much as $20,000 less than their white counterparts and that they rarely are made supervisors. WOULD YOU BELIEVE MY MOTHER, Louise Stewart, WAS IN A TWELVE YEAR LAWSUIT WITH THE HEALTH AND HOSPITAL CORPORATIONS IN NYCE OVER THIS? And she lost the case????? I thought, "This is interesting that I should hear it. My mother lost the case and is in heaven so why?"

Yet, I think this falls into the dreams, visions, and strange events category because it made me think my mother had led me to the station so I knew she was alright. And also that this reminded me of her courtcase -- which she lost-- on the same day I am going to court against the evil neighbor. I just felt it all made sense in an interesting way...and that God was using that to say he was with me. And that the world has its way of doing things but truth will out. I guess what I'm saying is that it just made me feel connected.

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