Thursday, July 10, 2008

My sheep hear my voice

John 10:27-30
My sheep hear my voice. (v.27)

Our close-knit church is home to families with small children. During service, it’s not unusual for sleeping babies to be put in a small cradle in the back of the church. Recently a baby girl awoke, interrupting the pastor’s sermon with a terrified scream. She had found herself in the cradle, unable to see her mother. Her mother called out, “I’m here.” A smile came to the baby’s face as she recognized her mother’s voice.

Jesus calls himself “a Good Shepherd” and calls his people “sheep.” I found out recently that sheep are very stubborn. Unlike cats or dogs who might respond to whoever speaks their name, sheep usually respond only to their shepherd’s special call.

The world is full of different voices calling out to us. These voices may speak with authority or may seem to speak God’s truth. But Jesus reassures us that if we stay close to him through studying his word, we will learn how to recognize his special loving voice.

Good Shepherd, help me to always recognize your voice. Amen.
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