Thursday, July 10, 2008

the tao of belief

I have always been one who liked seeing the similarities among religions...and how similar Christianity is and yet how subtly it stands out. Anyway, someone asked me, "But could you believe in hell? I gave up on Christianity because I just think the entire idea of hell is a monstrous idea. God wouldn't do that."

I wanted to say to her, "What a fool you are! Even if I didn't believe in Christianity I would believe in hell. Most religions have a place people simply do not wish to go. Many Buddhist sects for instance believe in a hell. Islam has a hell. Folklore religions have hells. The ancient Greeks had a hell."

Honestly, some people! They think they are being so deep but they don't seem to realize that they're showing their own lack of knowledge about religions in general and Christianity in particular.

The book Eternity in their Hearts by a missionary shows how very like folklore, myth, and legend Christianity actually is.
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