Sunday, July 06, 2008


Well, younger son has been so sick lately and had shown some weird new terrifying symptoms. All week I was just so downcast. The child seemed totally unable to breathe. And he was just crying and whinging and just in torment. All week I was in despair and couldn't eat or think.

But then I decided to fight! Hubby and I went on a fast for two days -- not eating between 10 and 4-- and then we went into soaking prayer and command mode. I determined I was only going to confess God's word no matter what. I told the wheezing and constricting in his throat it had better stop because he was healed. I gave him his spiritual medicine as well as his earthly medicine and I told that sinusitis and congestion and whooping it had been destroyed 2000 years ago and it should get its hand off my son because the devil is a liar. I commanded the sinusitis to go and never to return. I used the sword of the spirit and blasted away at all those attacking illnesses. I cursed them in the roots, seeds, leaves, in the name of Jesus. I directed my anger toward the devil and the illness and not toward my life and didn't turn the anger into despair. The first morning after the prayer we saw only a little improvement. But today!!!! YAY!!!! The child is doing sooo well.

I know God's healing power is working mightily in Gabe. Now what I have to do is to commit to speaking only of the theological truth and of not speaking the pathological truth. I must walk by faith and not by sight or senses. I also have got to commit to keeping the child off grains. And I must commit to praising God and not whining or despairing. Hab 3:17-18. No matter what I must joy in God. Joy, faith, hope, and love...and speaking God's truth is what is helping us overcome.

Have a blessed day. -C
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