Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer 2008 Religious Films

Film I might see:
Henry Poole
I've always suspected the Wilson Brothers were Christians or at least very spiritual.

Stone Angel:
Hey, I like anything that connects to the Hagar story.

The Fall:
Okay, it's totally confusing and I like trying to figure out confusing movies

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Supposedly a great film about Creation-Intelligent Design-Creation

If a movie mixes horror and religion, I'm there! Plus I like Keifer Sutherland

(Released on DVD this year) Okay, i like Mexican athletes. Besides this won a lotta prizes. Which says a lot for a Christian film

The List:
(Released on DVD this year) Yep, a foxfaith film but it actually looks quite good. I like mysterious forces doing evil type of movies.

The Longshots:
Hey, I like a black feel good movie about fighting the good fight

Prince Caspian:
I love C S Lewis. Plus the actor who plays Caspian is cute.

Not gonna see:

Hamlet 2. I just don't like seeing my Lord mocked. Folks don't pick on Mohammed or Buddha. Why pick on Jesus? Because in their hearts they know He is Savior and Lord. And the hatred they have against God shows up here. I mean...isn't it a bit strange that of all the gods, avatars, saviors, prophets that exist in the world, the world mocks only one. There has to be evil behind that.

Israeli film about Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
I so stress out when I see these kinda films. I'll be a wimp and pass. I have to deal with my angry Israeli friends and my angry Muslim/Arab friends. And they're the ones I go to movies with. If I go with them, I'll never hear the end of it.
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