Thursday, August 07, 2008

Study to show yourself approved

Ah, the Proverbs! I love the Proverbs! IF I had kept up my habit of reading the chapter of the day (15th chapter on the 15th of the month, etc) I wouldn't have gotten into that fix with that creepy neighbor. I would have remembered that a soft anger turns away wrath.

Proverbs teaches us other things too. Ah, Mrs Joel Osteen, I'm talking about you!

St Paul told us to study to show ourselves approved. Now, let's try to put aside my feelings that Victoria Osteen always seemed a bit of a star to me. (Way too many of those televangelical wives act like stars in their own little empire.) But woman, Victoria! this is gonna make you look real bad! You should've turned your wrath awan and given a soft answer.

I had a friend who was an anesthesiologist. He moved to another hospital in another city so I don't see him often now. But he once made me wonder about his workmanship when he said to me, "Oh, I don't read any of the anesthesiology newspapers. I already know everything." Yeah, well. Anesthesiologists still accidentally kill people or cause accidents --such as people being awake during surgery when they're supposed to be asleep. So, my opnion is: even if you know everything already, a little reminder wouldn't hurt. Hey, that's why we Christians always re-read and re-read our Bibles and go to church. To study to know what's what, to study to remember, to study to show ourselves approved. Victoria -- I'm not judging you woman cause I've been where you are...and honestly, one look at Proverbs, would have reminded you not to get into a tussling match with someone and would've saved you a law suit. Speaking of which. My courtdate is today. ::smile::


Anonymous said...

What happened with Vicky? Oh, well you don't have to post exactly what, my interest is peaked though. Her and her husband seem like decent folks- yet we all fall short.


Carole McDonnell said...

She is being sued by a flight attendant who says Vicky assaulted her because of a stain on a seat. Will see. -C

Anonymous said...

Oh my... why am I not surprised to hear that. I used to watch Joel Osteen years ago before he got popular, sadly IMO he has gotten off track and is too much into being the smiley faced guy rather than bringing forth the word.

Carole McDonnell said...

The temptation is to forget that the world hated our lord and it will hate us. I know Joel wants to soft-soap the gospel because he wants people not to be wounded. But after pretty much denying our lord and denying hell exists on larry king... well, I wonder about him. -C

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