Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ask Seek Knock: Part 2: Seek

Seeking and Finding

A Christian who seeks knows there is an answer to her problems. Christians really should not go around saying that they see no way out of their problem. First of all, there is a way out. God always makes a way out. Second of all, we should not go about speaking negatively about our lives in a way that makes God a liar. How can a child of God who is blessed with God's wisdom within dare say that there is no answer to her problems? Those who seek believe that every problem has a solution and every request for wisdom will be answered by a God who upbraideth not. We may not see the answer before us. But we know it exists. We know that our God reveals the secrets of people’s hearts and gives understanding to the simple. Unlike others who have no hope, Christians never despair for solutions. We are God’s people and He speaks to us in dreams, through Scripture, through the counsel of good people, through circumstances. Like discoverers and inventors, Christians are always ready to receive insight and wisdom that help us find our way out of the dark, even when human logic tells us there is no way.


Anonymous said...

Lord, just let me fall on my face before you. I will no longer stand in your presence or even kneel, I will bow face down before you because your presence is awesome and I need you now, more than ever.

I miss the sweet, sweet tick of my heart when you first entered it. I was so glad your son Jesus laid down His life for me. I fell in love that day with you, and no one could keep my bible away from me, and I defended your Name in a millisecond.

I humbly come before you now because my love for you seems to have faltered. And just like a silent marriage, you have decided to wait until you hear my voice again before you speak. You have spoken, yet it was small and still. A great warrior, and lover of all humanity that you are, you've tried to wake me with your voice so as not to frighten me nor command me. You spoke in that still small voice so that I may make a choice, and I chose to follow Them.

I miss the days that you always reached out a hand to help me. Putting food in the fridge, paying my bills on time, and weeding out those who were against me in their hearts. I have now come across trouble, and all kinds of afflictions and truthfully, I know it is my fault. You have never doubted me. Not even for a moment. I can't sleep, I toss and turn with fitful dreams that I know you didn't put there. I contemplate telling someone off at work because he/she doesn't understand my kindness and use me for the weakling they "think" I am. My children are half crazy and lazy and I no longer recognize them. My spouse seems to have abandoned me and now I am lonely, sick, mentally and spiritually incurable.

I am coming to you, my first love, on my face, before your throne to ask for forgiveness. Where I am weak, I am made strong through You. Please apply that super to my natural and lets walk together. You, the great Creator know my heart and know it belongs to you and only you. Yes, I hear you.

In Christ Jesus Name,

-I wrote this prayer from the heart for myspace blog. I think we should always seek wisdom which comes from God. Thanks Carole for the post!


Carole McDonnell said...

Amen! -C

Anonymous said...

Thank you both Carole and to the anonymous poster, words I need to hear and keep in my heart.

Anonymous said...

The Lord just guided my hand on the keyboard that time, the need for encouragement for all of us is so important. The world can't give us the Joy but God can, and the world can't take it away.


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