Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Road to Lost Innocence


Book: The Road to Lost Innocence
Author: Somaly Mam
Dates: September 15- 19
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
Publication Date: September 9, 2008
Blog tour September 15 and 19
WaterBrook Multnomah, a division of Random House

Will probably be involved in this tour in a month or so. And will post a review here and also at Blogcritics


Born in Cambodia and orphaned at an early age, Somaly Mam, a Buddhist sex trade survivor, grew up never knowing her real name or birthday.

As a teenager, Somaly Mam was sold into prostitution and spent years in the brothels of Cambodia where she witnessed and experienced the full-blown horrors of the human sex trade – rape, torture, and nearly unfathomable abuse. After her eventual escape, she could not forget the young girls (some as young as 5) left behind in the brothels, and so she returned to serve them. Her new book, "The Road of Lost Innocence," is her newest means of advocacy. It tells her personal story, ultimately inviting people of conscious, such as our Christian community, to become involved (or to continue involvement) in this war against an epic evil, a modern battle for "the least of these." Truly, not only is this book worth reading, it's worth sharing.

A bit of a documentary is on youtube

to purchase the book at

This is her update page at her website

You can also pre-order it from her store on her website before it hits the bookstores.

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