Friday, December 26, 2008


So the plumber came to work on the gas pipe and little kitty was way skittish. I suddenly saw a side of her I had never seen. (Even when she battles bully-ing older brother pit-bull.)

Often we forget that our friends have other personalities. Personalities we don't see because we only know one side of us. It's like me saying to someone, "Oh, no, my pit bull won't bite you. He's a sweetie." Well, he probably won't bite them, but who knows? He's my dog and my friend. Not theirs. Why should I expect him to treat them the way he treats me? Or when someone says, "X wouldn't do that. She's never done that to me." Well, duh, your friend treats you quite differently than she treats others. That's why she's your friend. Know your value and know what traits you enjoy in your friend's company that others will never enjoy because they don't share that friendship."

So it got me to thinking about Jesus, my friend, the friend of all those who dwell in Him. When Christians tell non-Christians that Jesus will do such and such for them, we really have to think about this. It's quite possible that Jesus will show them His universal love. But will He show them the sweet little idiosyncratic side of himself that he shows those who dwell in his secret place? I don't know. I've said to folks, "Ask Jesus to give you a dream or a godwink." Sometimes he amazes me by doing it. Sometimes he doesn't do it at all." Perhaps he wants them to befriend him by studying his word.

He is our friend and our saviour and there is peace between Christians and God. No more attempting to be good enough for him. But to others...especially in the end of time...he will come as a judge. And how surprised many will be to see their Friend ac ting so very strangely and harsh.
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