Monday, December 15, 2008

Certainty of the Word

If there is one thing we Christians are aware of it's that to be certain about anything in this life is considered arrogant. Somehow if one is uncertain or mealy-mouthed it seems as if one isn't enlightened enough. A person is considered truly deep if they are uncertain about religion because well, supposedly who can knows these things? (Note: they mainly pick on Christians and on fundamental Jews in this regard. There's something in being Jewish and being Christian that makes folks have no patience with us. To be sure of one's wiccan religion is considered spiritual. To be sure of one's Islamic religion is never challenged because we don't want to seem anti-Muslim.)

So if one goes around being doubtful and skeptical and uncertain, one is considered a great seeker after truth and humble. If one even dares to believe in right or wrong, then folks remind you that those "concepts" are subjective. What is really right? what is really wrong?

Okay, some of this is inherited from Christianity itself which warns us not to judge our neighbors. But it never tells us that we can never know the truth.

Some of this is inherited from the world being at war with the Christian
God, the truth of the Bible, with Israel and the gospel. Heck, humans from the beginning of time have wanted to believe they can become gods and Christianity and Judaism speak against that.

Some of this comes from the western tradition which just loves the idea of philosophies and fairness to all.

But the thing is we Christians know the Word is true. But so many of us are wimps. We shrink in the face of trial or argument. Muslims honor their religion and stand up for it. Christians start giving in and being mealy-mouthed and wimpy. In my personal life, I'm pretty wimpy about arguing but if cornered, I'll stand up for my faith. I study a lot of apologetics and can probably enlighten or challenge a few folks about their own religion but arguing isn't going to win anyone over. Truth has to be learned by revelation in one's spirit, and truth has to be accepted as one finds it in the Bible. If someone isn't ready for truth, he isn't going to believe it even if Jesus comes to him in person.

But on a totally day-to-day level, I am certain of what the word of God tells me. I live my life by the Bible and trust it as God's word. So I know that one day my healing and Gabe's healing will manifest. The Bible tells us that if we call on the Lord we will be saved. So I'm doing it. The devil fights against the word in our lives. But we are told to resist him and one day -- however long it takes-- he will flee. We are told that in due time -- however long it takes-- we will reap. The devil's purpose is to wear us down and to make us give up the fight and quit the race. But am not gonna do that. I know that already Jesus has made us more than conquerors.

So, yeah, today, once again I get up and as usual put all the books on the shelves that younger son knocked to the ground. And once again I hang up all the clothes on hangers and return them to the closet that son continues every day to pull off the hangers. It's something I've gotten used to doing. It's tiring as heck when one is sleeping to always be in repair mode. But I know my redeemer lives. I know that one day there will be a new day...under the sun. I will see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living. My God is faithful. -C

The Word of God


Anonymous said...


I am encouraged by your words and strength. I am studying apologetics and I love it so much. So many things I did not know and was curious about.

Its hard to win people over with argument alone, I just study it for knowledge sake and if I need to enlighten someone(once I know what I am talking about), then I'll use apologetics. Its strange because, it tends to answer my doubting concerns as well.

Thanks for posting!

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi Erica:

My doubts are always crushed whenever I consider the supernatural. I know...odd...but if I see a demon or an angel, or get a vision of hell or hear about someone talk about a healing or having a strange supernatural meeting with someone on the street where one knows that God orchestrated... I'm once again convinced that it's not about knowledge of Jesus (remember the seven sons of Sceva) or knowledge of religion's a relationship with God in a very supernatural world. Most other religions don't have as many loving supernatural stuff as Christians do. -C

Carole McDonnell said...

PS: To me, we Christians should be like St Paul. We don't come to people with words of wisdom but with power. The word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, a! The works of the holy spirit is given to us to witness. Generally, human hearts can only be convinced through that. -C

Anonymous said...

Let the Church say Amen!

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