Thursday, December 04, 2008

a very present help in trouble

What a great and loving and intimate God we have!

I'm not going to go into why some folks feel so distant from God. But honestly, he says if you draw near to him, he will draw near to you. So if you feel you're drawing near to God and nothing is happening, then you probably aren't drawing near to him. And the only way to draw near to him and feel his presence is by reading his word, the Bible. The more one reads it, the flakier one's life becomes. Weird coincidences and stuff start happening. Honestly. But you have to read it or at least listen to it a whole lot. Let the word of God dwell in you richly.

Anyways, here I am trying to wait patiently (without whining) for my healing and Gabe's healing to manifest. It's been tough. But God has been there all the time.

Imagine: angels coming to you in your dreams to tell you what to eat. And they just don't do this once in a while. They are always there!!!!! So I manage to fall asleep at nine last night and I wake up at midnight. Generally, I wake up hubby for sex so I can get some sleep. Honestly sex changes when you're in a relationship with a sick person. Someone ought to do an anthology on that. Sex as medicine, sex as sleeping pill, sex as comfort. Upshot we have sex every yours truly can sleep. Sometimes it works and I sleep. Sometimes, not.

But often in the middle of all this sleeplessness I manage to fall asleep for a small snippet of dream. Sometimes it's a very intense symbolic dream that encourages me. Sometimes it's advice. But always, always, I know God is there. So what do I get last night? An angel holding up some orange juice and saying to me, "You must remember to take your magnesium."

I wake up and order hubby to go to the deli to get me some nuts and some orange juice. I go to the internet and what do I see? Plantains are full of magnesium. Now I didn't know that. And yet, for some reason I had gone out and bought a lot of them. Beans also have magnesium. And for some reason I had been beaning. What a loving mighty God we serve! He guides us even when we aren't aware of it.


Anonymous said...

Wow this post is deep Carole.


Carole McDonnell said...

I think we're used to thinking that glorious things happen once in a while. But God has called us to go from glory to glory. We are really to open our mind to the possibility of walking with God daily, hourly, like Enoch.

I think the world has convinced us about what relationship with God is like. But the more one reads one's Bible, the more one realizes how near God wants to be to us. His idea of "normal" is so so so different from our idea of normal Christianity. It kinda weirded me out at first that God was constantly there with me -- when I was in the word. He'd come and teach me how to heal the sick and how to raise the dead and give me lessons on all kinds of things at night. And I'd be like...well, I wonder when he's gonna let up. But it's not about letting up. He is always there. He doesn't have these ideas about "being a friend who disappears from time to time."

Anonymous said...

This is why Christians always say: "Study the Word, know the Word and know God." I never really seen that,but you are a witness to it, thanks.


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