Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Anniversay to Me

Honestly, I am so blessed to have such a sweetie for a husband. I gained one hundred pounds on the guy, turned all sickly, and I am a bitch on wheels at time because sleepiness makes me nasty and frustrated...and he is so good to me. WE have had so many trials and tribulations. Sickness of wife, sickness of kid, money issues, in-law issues, forgiveness issues, sleep issues. And yet, we survived. Some folks have given up on their marriage for so much less, it makes me think: "God really has been with us."

Not that he wasn't with the other folks, but for some reason...hubby and I made it through so much and others -- in better situations than we-- just had marriages that fell apart.

Perhaps it's cause hubby and I are both so stubborn in our own way. We simply did not want the enemy to triumph over us. Psalm 24: 1-2
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