Saturday, December 13, 2008

sweet dream

I dreamed my son somehow got free tickets to the Latin Grammy awards and was a VIP there. He and his friends were dressed in blue and white horizontal striped shirts. A big strong guardian was nearby to protect him. I said to my son, "You are very blessed. But you must remember to thank God for all your blessings." I also dreamed of planting a little seedling.

When I woke up I got sad. I have all these wonderful dreams about older son. Older son is a sweetie, mind you. But younger son is such a goodly child. When he was younger before the illness attacked him so badly, he was absolutely beautiful. Even when he was up to age 5, folks thought he was a girl. HE is so kind and good and has suffered so much.

I just said to God, "Why do you give me dreams about older son and yet you don't give me any dreams about younger son?"

I feel God doesn't really need to give us dreams about promises for healing because God has already promised healing to all his people in his word. And yet, it would've been soo good to dream more about younger son.
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