Monday, January 05, 2009


AT the risk of sounding like a nut I will state that sometimes we Christians need to do some heavy house-cleaning and removing occult stuff from our houses. Yeah, I know...sounds silly. But ask God if I'm right. Do you have books on the occult in your basement? an old Buddha statue? A statue of Ganesh? A yoruba God doll? Get rid of it. Ever looked at astrology charts? Have you ever visited a fortuneteller? Played with a ouija board? Played with tarot cards? Used the I-Ching for divination? Then repent and confess the sin to a Christian friend. Was your house blessed when you first began living there?

I'm telling you I know whereof I speak. I've lived in some haunted houses. And I even had God tell me in dreams a couple of time to get rid of certain things that seemed relatively harmless. Second-hand clothes I received, and a music album I once had.

Both Joshua and Moses told the people not to bring an accursed thing into their homes. You will be amazed at how your health sometimes improves when you get rid of this accursed stuff. Yeah, I the worldly person it seems silly but... trust me on this.

I feel I have to remove some of the stuff I brought in from my mother's house after she died. She visited mediums and the like a lot. And I've been super-sock since I brought some of her stuff here into my basement. I haven't been able to look into it though. Yeah, for 4 years I haven't gone down into my basement. Can't deal with the grief. But I'm definitely gonna get rid of that stuff. -C
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