Thursday, January 31, 2008

Memory of Peace

Well, last night I lay in bed and I got into a whining...which is what i often do when I look around the house and see what needs fixing.

I simply could not see a way out of this house. As the saying goes, "Ain't nothing wrong here that a whole lotta money can't fix." And I kept hoping Wind Follower would bring me a movie deal...or that some gorgeous rich guy would tell me, "Carole, come and I'll take you away for all this."

So there I was winding up and pretty much preparing myself to blast my hubby with my despair about his not being rich when suddenly..... I MEAN Suddenly... I felt this supernatural peace and assurance that God was in charge and all was well. I wish I could describe the feeling. So, awed by this feeling of being taken care of, I fell into praise mode and thanked and blessed God and apologized for my sinful murmuring. I realized in a wonderful moment that God's power works best in joy and praise and if I was being negative and building a negative future in my own mind, I wasn't cooperating and co-laboring with God in building my better future. So I was all peaceful and happy. Then I fell peacefully to sleep.

Do I even need to tell you that when I woke up the peace was gone and I am now stuck with the responsibility of remembering that wonderful mountaintop experience? I have to commit to that joy and truth today....even if I don't really feel it right now. God is good. I have to obey the joy.

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