Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to read a Bible passage that contains the supernatural

MIRACLE STORIES or stories about the Supernatural

When reading a story about a miracle, ask yourself the following questions:
1) Was this a small miracle or a large one?
2) Did God perform this miracle unasked by humans?
3) Was this miracle done by one of God’s prophets? Did the prophet feel the need to ask God’s permission?
4) Was this a communal miracle which required all God’s people to pray?
5) What created a need for this miracle?
6) How did this miracle occur? What happened exactly?
7) How did God’s people react to this miracle?
8) How did God’s enemies react to this miracle?
9) What does the miracle being discussed prove about God?
10) Does this story give any insight into how we may achieve miracles in our lives?
11) Did God’s prophet trust God more because of this miracle?
12) Was (or can) this miracle be repeated by followers of other gods?
13) What would unbelievers say about this miracle?
14) What does God say about miracles?
15) What small and great miracles has God done in your life?
16) What small and great miracles has God done in the lives of those you know?
17) Do you still have a day to day reliance on God?

1. What reason does the Bible give for God raising Jesus from the dead?
2. How did the Sanhedrin react when they heard that the tomb had been opened by angels?
3. In John’s first epistle, he warned against believing every spirit. In Acts, the Ephesian town clerk said it was an undisputed fact that the goddess Diana sent down her image to the town. The Egyptian magicians also did miracles. What does this say about the supernatural?

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