Sunday, September 07, 2008

Questions to ask yourself when reading the Bible?

St Paul warned against carnal divisions over minor matters. In the twenty-second chapter of St Matthew, we see how the Lord views these petty disagreements where people go out of their way to make up silly spiritual “What if?” questions. Some denominational differences are important and you should know which are important and which are not. Although these questions are important to the people asking them, they are not important to Jesus.
1. Is there something that your denomination believes that other Christian denominations do not?
2. Does your denomination judge other denomination because of this?
3. Why is your denomination right?
4. Do you have a live-and-let-live attitude towards Christians of other denominations or do you believe you must get them to change their minds and believe as you do?
5. Do you believe only those things your denomination has convinced you of?
6. Are you uncomfortable when you believe something that others in your denomination does not believe?
7. Can you have friends who don’t believe as you do or do you prefer to stay with like-minded people?
8. Have you studied other denominations in order to understand or confront them better?
9. Do you think there is more to being a Christian than simply trusting in Jesus’ death and Resurrection and loving God and your neighbor as yourself?
10. What other books do your denomination use to interpret the Bible?
11. Who are the great Christians who helped to create your denomination?
12. Have you researched their lives?

In all things, The Holy Spirit shows us what is on our hearts. Question to ask yourself:

1 As I read this Bible passage, is there a part of me that doesn’t want this passage to be true?
2 Is there a part of me that is ignoring verses I don’t like and twisting their meaning around because of works written by the prophet in my denomination ?
3 Is it possible that some of my beliefs are based on my own personal fears and agendas?
4 Do I try to avoid certain Scriptures or change their meanings because they make me feel uncomfortable?
5 Do you think that certain parts of the Bible were written by people who are not as enlightened or as knowledgeable as you?

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