Thursday, September 04, 2008

The whole armor of God

The girdle of truth -- form of attack: lies, deceptions, science falsely-so-called, human reasoning, and errors
The breastplate of righteousness-- form of attack: evil and sinful desires, compromising and yielding to a sinful life
The sandals of the readiness to preach the gospel of peace-- form of attack: cowardice and shame against the gospel
The shield of faith -- form of attack: unbelief and doubt
The helmet of the hope of salvation -- form of attack: despair, discouragement, belief that salvation isn't enough, belief in a powerless gospel.

Other weapons:

The name of Jesus
The blood of Jesus
The word of Jesus
The water of baptism
The joy of the Lord
Worship and Praise
The community of believers

Fields of Battle:

Certain physical places

Types of attack

frontal assault (or from the back)
a siege
a blockade
an invasion
an occupation

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