Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to read a prophetic Bible passage


When reading a prophecy, ask yourself the following questions:
1. To whom is this prophecy addressed?
2. Why has this prophet spoken the prophecy? What event caused him to speak it?
3. Was this prophecy God-initiated or did the prophet speak it of his own volition?
4. What exactly is the prophecy? What does it foretell? Does it give a time when the prophecy will be fulfilled?
5. What symbols do this prophet use?
6. Is there another prophecy like this one mentioned in another Bible book?
7. What does the other prophet say?
8. What historical Bible book(s) must I read in order to understand this prophet better?
9. What general prophetic theme does this Prophetic book fit into?
10. Where is the fulfillment of this prophecy? How do you know this?
11. If this is an end-time prophecy, are there doctrinal disagreements about this prophecy? What does your denomination believe?
Read the book of the prophet Amos. If you were a modern-day Amos, how would you update this prophecy?

Do a concordance search for words and phrases such as “Day of the Lord” or “lamb” or “feast.”

Most Bibles have margin notes. Read one of the gospels and compare the prophecies with the life of Jesus.

2 comments: said...

I checked your website you gave in your profile and at the top of your blog, but it was down. Maybe that was just temporary - I can try again later.

I also have a free book about Bible prophecy, Preaching the Gospel .

One of the things I point out in my book is that a key to understanding prophecy is to be right with God. Specifically, we have to be willing to trust God, to believe what He says in the Bible, and to strive to do our best to obey His commandments.

If we do these things, God will help us understand Bible prophecy, but if we don't, we are more vulnerable to Satan's deceptions and will more likely have a false concept of prophecy.

Also, prophecy is important because fulfilled prophecy is one of the proofs that the Bible is inspired by God.

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi author.

This is a small section from my book. But you're definitely right we often need to be right with God in order to understand prophecy. After all, the prophets spoke and few understood. But sometimes the meaning of the prophecy comes through to even those who are not right with God. The Holy Spirit works in all unbelievers to get them to believe. He does the work.

The Bible tells us that "in the last days God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh. Young men will dream dreams, old men will prophesy." IT doesn't say God will only pour out his spirit on all who believe in Christ or all who understand God's ways, but on all flesh. God is working.

Yep, the website is down. I have to put it back up again.


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