Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curse you, political correctness

Okay, I'm beginning to get the idea. I need to shake off the shackles of modern political correctness, the burden of modern morals. Actually, I'd gotten the idea a long time ago but I'm really really really getting the idea now. I guess I want to show what a world without religious law is...the selfishness of man, the sinfulness of man, the lostness of man (but one can't really show all this when human law blinds one or binds one's hands.)

Below is one of my favorite ballads. If you listen to it, it has a coupla things (maybe more) that are offensive to modern minds.

First, a rape is treated pretty much as par for the course. A rich lad's dalliance.
Second, a rich guy gets away with a lot because well...there's this caste system and rich guys get away with stuff.
Thirdly (yeah, there's a third) the woman falls in love with her rapist.

Okay, I lived on ballads when I was younger. I like the world of rich lords. Heck, I love everyone in Hamlet calling Ham "my lord."

So here I sit, shackled by modern politesse, western morals, and my own repression. Aaargh! The Constant Tower is a harsh world...and Heck, rich powerful men folk should be able to go about raping poor women they find. The weird stuff is I'm allowing women to do horrible things but I'm not allowing the men to do it. Ah, the sorrows of feminism. Gonna shake all the political, religious, and personal shackles loose (will attempt to anyway) and go to town on this book.

Here it is on youtube

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