Friday, January 08, 2010

This year am opening myself to good luck

I want to dream. I want to be blessed by the universe. I remember a month about 16 years ago where I decided I wanted to win some computer educational games for the kids. I DID! I won a box of 12 from broderbund software and a box of 12 from Learning Adventures or whatever it was. Very strange! Around that time I also won a pair of rollerblades for my son from E! network. After that I didn't win anything big again. I suspect it had a lot to do with me hearing someone talking about "beginner's luck" in sweepstakes and contests. I musta mentally incorporated that and began to believe that I wouldn't win anything thereafter. But I remember the time before that -- some ten or so years before-- when I would win strange things for my friends...even mega-bucks for friends I entered. I loved the surprise of getting stuff in the mail out of the blue. I didn't care if it was big or small. Anyways, I've decided that this year will be full of lovely surprises. I've asked God to just give me lovely lovely stuff. Stuff I need, stuff I don't need but may want, stuff to delight me, stuff I can give away. So yeah, am entering sweepstakes.

Right now am entering this one. because I would love, love, love to get a box of dried apple chips at my door. It'd make my day.

I've also entered at another place to get an air purifier, and I've subscribed to several sweepstakes sites such as

I want to go through this year with a confident expectation of good and with a belief that anyday I could be delighted with some kooky or wonderful surprise. Wish me luck!

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