Saturday, January 02, 2010


I am resolved to:

Go outside the house at least once a week instead of once a month. (Will try to get out of my the world-is-such-a-wounding-place-I-just-don't-want-to-go-outside mode.) I might even attempt to go for a walk every day.

I will not use food to comfort myself.

I will attempt to do my hair at least once a week instead of simply washing it and then cutting it off when it gets unmanageable.

I will resist the urge to snap at judgemental Christians or platitude-quoting Christians who have no idea what my life is like but who say stupid glib judgmental stuff.

I will not roll my eyes whenever some supposed famous Christian teacher/speaker say something so stupid I want to roll my eyes.

I will use the exercise bike every day.

I will attend parties I'm invited to.

I will avoid all a$$holes. (I have to. Especially the religious and spiritual know-it-all ones who have never had a sick child for 20 years yet who say assholey stuff.)

I will force younger son to eat the right foods.

I will drink way more water every day.

I will guard my mind from stupid things said by medical pontificators.

I will control my daydreams and have no vain imaginings...but will only think of whatever is lovely pure of good report, virtuous.

I will keep up my Answered Prayers chart and my godwink Book of Remembrance.

I will rejoice in my God and thank him all the time.

Goes without saying that I will continue to read my Bible and to water God's word for sons and my healing.

Still don't know what God wants me to dedicate this blog to this year. Listening to see what's what.

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