Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dark Parable: The dream of boycotting goat milk

Dreamed black folks in the US were boycotting goat milk, the only milk my younger son can drink. I didn't want to do the boycott because A) I thought they were just being silly and over-the-top about it and that there was a misunderstanding. Also I felt that my son needed his goat milk and would I go so far to stop my son's food...just to show myself as united with other black folks and to do what the black folks wanted. I think it's about any groups to which we belong. There comes a time when one's desires are up against the desires of the group.... and can one sacrifice? Can one make someone else --one's own son-- sacrifice because of the whim of a larger group? In life, I think we have to reach a place where we alienate ourselves from groups to which we belong -- by religion or by race or by nation or whatever. It can be lonely but should one allow one's self to be dragged along? -C

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