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Scripture Twisting

Scripture Twisting: 20 Ways the Cults Misread the Bible
By: James W. Sire
Inter-varsity Press / 1980 / Paperback
Dimensions: 0.50 X 5.40 X 8.15 (inches)
ISBN: 0877846111
ISBN-13: 9780877846116
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Here's the blurb from Christianbook

James W. Sire, editor and Ph.D. in English, brings his linguistic skills to bear on the problem of how cults twist the meaning of the Bible to fit their own worldview. From subtle interpretation differences to blatant misrepresentation and misquotation of Bible passages, Sire brings to our attention the dangers cults can pose, especially to those who don't know Scripture.

Sire focuses on twenty types of misreadings commonly practiced by cults. The types are:

inaccurate quotation, twisted translation, the biblical hook, ignoring the immediate context, collapsing contexts, overspecification, word play, the figurative fallacy, speculative readings of predictive prophecy, saying but not citing, selective citing, inadequate evidence, confused definition, ignoring alternative translations, the obvious fallacy, virtue by association, esoteric interpretation, supplementing biblical authority, rejecting biblical authority, and world-view confusion.

Understanding the above misreadings can help Christians fight the spread of cults. And it can also help us to grow closer to God, through a better understanding of His word. Sire wrote the book for those dealing with cults, and for Christians in general, with the hope that we might all learn to read the Bible correctly. So join with him as he takes you on an enjoyable and stimulating lesson in reading.

If you want a quick list of the different kinds of Scripture Twisting, you can go to his article here

Here's a review

He's also the author of Why Good Arguments Fail.
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