Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are Christians really Christians

Well I just read an article about a Kansas Baptist church that is getting ready to picket Heath Ledger's funeral because he portrayed a gay character in Brokeback Mountain.

Honestly, these folks have nothing better to do? It's stuff like this that just makes us Christians look so cruel.

I know they think they're Christians but why the cruelty and the legalism? I could go on about all the ways they are theologically wrong to picket someone but I'll just mention a few.

A) Actors have portrayed pimps, killers, prostitutes... why didn't these picketers picket those actors' funeral? I mean...

B) The Bible is against homosexuality. But the new testament doesn't say be cruel to homosexuals.

C) We do not know if Heath was a Christian. If he is a Christian, his afterlife is between him and God. If he isn't a Christian, then he will be judged by the light he Paul states in the book of Romans. We cannot judge people.

D) Christianity is not about law but about grace. Jesus didn't come to condemn anyone. I swear! The amount of time and energy Christians focus on the law make me wonder if they understand what grace and love is all about. Are they really saved if they are using the law as a measuring stick? Do people of grace even think legalistically?

E) Jesus says the world will know us by two things: Our love and Our Good Works. I understand some folks might get annoyed with me and think I'm theologically wrong or playing with semantics but I can't see how picketing a person's funeral can be defined as a good work. Do a miracle and the world will turn to Jesus. Love your neighbor, your brother in Christ, and your enemy and the world will turn to Jesus. Picket someone's funeral? Well, we'll jut turn the world off....and give them ammunition to use against us. What is wrong with those people?

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