Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Thy Word....

Ah, my friends! The brave and unusual and hopeful things we do when we feel God has told us to do them!

I wrote my novel, Wind Follower, a Christian multicultural fantasy
, the way I wrote it because I felt God wanted me to write it that way: honestly, frankly...with the sex scenes, with the racial comments, with Bible-believing sincerity, honoring the Bible, being very liberal in some respects and being very conservative with others. A book designed to be honest even if it p*ssed folks off. Because the liberal world isn't used to hearing Bible-believing Christians ...and the Conservative Christian world doesn't like talking about race...or even sexual issues.

Then I wrote my Bible study book. Actually, it's a How-to Bible Study Bible Study book.

Seeds of Bible Study is a book on how to study the Bible. It is written by a writer and by a lover of books. But it is really a book by a normal person written to normal people. It uses basic common sense and reading comprehension rules to help people through pitfalls of Biblical interpretation. The writer loves her Bible and wants others to love it too.

Now I'm writing Inheritance...a story about religious folks ...and also about sexual issues. A romance with two unlikely main characters: a 20-something bi-racial Chinese young man...and a 40-something Jamaican-American woman. I love it. Will see what this bit of bravery brings to me. Many Christians don't like reading fiction about sex. But mercifully many do. Will Christians accept a story about sex and about race. Will see. But God made me brave. And if he tells me to do matter how odd it seems, at His Word I will obey.

Tomorrow I am off to the old folks' home to talk to them about writing. I'm trusting they will bless my little works. Praise ye the Lord.


chrisa511 said...

This Christian will most certainly accept your story :) And he's waiting very impatiently for it ;) Kidding of course. Take your time, lol...

Carole McDonnell said...

Ah, Chris! You're sweet! Thanks. -C

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