Friday, January 25, 2008

The power to choose to believe the positive

Yesterday I was on the verge of a panic. I was waiting to hear some news from a friend. And my imagination was taking me over. (Okay, I'll be the first one to admit that my imagination at times needs a heavy dose of positivity.) So there I was believing the worst and imagining my friend didn't like me.

Suddenly I heard the still small voice in my spirit: "Why are you assuming you aren't liked? Why are you assuming your friend is angry with you? Why don't you try to believe that you are loved?"

It seemed like such a strange simply stop my mind in its negative track and assume the best.

But I forced myself -- only half-believing-- to do so. I felt good but I still didn't feel too great because I kept thinking that I was just kinda kidding myself, that my friend was going to get back to me with an angry comment.

Imagine my surprise when he did not. Imagine how happy I felt when I realized I was truly liked and loved by my friend. (Don't worry, this isn't an adulterous situation so those of you with wild imaginations can tone done. It's just a good male friend.)

Anyway, I've learned a valuable lesson about assuming the best. Or at least CHOOSING to assume the best. Especially when the worst hasn't happened yet. -

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