Monday, October 12, 2009

Dark Parable: dream of snake-lion and resuscitated bone

I dreamed my mother or grandmother had not been buried properly so we asked another guy to bury her. We were going to bury her in front of a house (not really a legal place, in the dream) But then the new buryer made matters even worse by burying her on the roof of the porch of the house. It was only a matter of time before her body would be discovered. So we had to move it. Across the street my husband found an animal bone and resuscitated it. We didn't know what kind of animal it was but when it was resuscitated it became an animal that was a lion at some times and a snake at the others. It was very friendly when it was a lion but it still bothered me because I didn't know when it would slither around. ..and was nervous to have such a pet. Besides we also had another pet snake...a very dangerous snake. Dreamed we decided to go to the shopping center on foot rather than take a car.

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