Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dark Parables: three dreamlets

The first: I was describing to a friend -- a fellow writer-- how I did something. Very simple to do but hard to describe. But she just didn't get it. I had to model it for her. This is a friend who is diagnosed with colon cancer. We writers often have an idea in our minds and we see it but to get a description of that position or idea onto paper...or to actually describe it in words -- very hard. Also, autistic kids often have to be shown how things are done -- it's call modeling. Have been trying for years to show younger son how to kiss folks on the cheek. Also, I suppose religious folks are to show things sometimes..instead of describing it. Trying to figure this out. The second: I was talking to a reality show bad boy called Chance. He had a tiny pearl in his mouth that he had found in a box of china or stoneware. He was moving it around in his mouth. He gave the box of china to me and said, "Go ahead and look around. You might find something great in here. Today is your lucky day." He seemed to be implying money. The third: Dreamed of James Earl Jones. Forgot what he was doing. But I always think of him as someone who couldn't speak well and then too speech classes and now speaks so well he is actually blessed by that voice which was once his trouble.

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