Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Movie Viewing -- the crime, punishment, and speculations edition

Even So, I Didn't Do It
Soredemo boku wa yattenai

Innocent Man accused of groping a 15 year old student on a crowded train. If he simply lies and says he didn't do it, he'd pay $500 but if he defends himself, then... I'll just say this was so harrowing to watch I couldn't sit through it and sped up to the end. Scary. 

Body Number 19
Thai Horror flick
Student named Chon keeps finding himself in weird places without knowing how he got there. He keeps having dreams and encounters with a dismembered woman and a fetus. Also a weird supernatural cat. Not really scary but unsettling. Very complicated story about a murdered woman, mutiple personality, hypnotism, vengeful ghosts. Could not sit through it. 

A history of Violence
Man kills bad guy who comes to his store. This story is sent all across the airwaves and some evil guys see it and think they know our a hit man who did them wrong. It's weird watching a hollywood movie after so much Asian movie watching...Will just say that my crush on Viggo Mortenson is still intact.

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