Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dark Parable: Older Son's Mannequin's Body

I had this dream this morning. I dreamed it was a Friday and my older son was preparing to go away for a trip. When I looked at him I realized he had a crack in his shoulder that radiated down his left arm. It seemed that some time before he had lost his body and his head had been placed on top of a mannequin's body. Or maybe his brain was inside a styrofoam skull head atop a mannequin's body. Whatever it was, he was going on this trip with a broken arm. I began to chide him, "Don't you realize that although it's hard for God to heal someone who's been decapitated because we humans don't have faith to pray for the restoration or re-growing of a human body, that the place that manufactured your body has a warranty!!!! But no, you're allowing your arm to be cracked up like this...and now there's no time to get the replacement arm to the plug into the replacement body socket. Even if they overnight it, it can't come by tomorrow when your trip is schedule!"

So now, I'm like...okay.... WTF?

Is this dream from God?
Is this dream my self-conscious telling me about my son?
Is this dream my self-conscious telling me what I think about my son?

Ah, symbols! I know it's probably gonna be totally clear today. That's how these things happen. Maybe I'm just tired of son eating take-out food or "trying to bulk up and look hot" like a mannequin. Or maybe I'm thinking he just doesn't take care of his body....all that junk food. Or maybe I want him to realize there is a warranty -- the word of God-- that he isn't using.  Will pass the dream on to him. Sometimes I get dreams for him. Like the time I dreamed a friend had put a claw in him....and bingo it turned out the night before some sleazy friend of his had attempted to take his money. Will see. But when I dream of older son out of the blue, I'm like... what? I love you son but I never really dream of you... So, am assuming this is important.

Got this from Rose Marie my pal over at

is there something that you think your son is neglecting in his own healing process?
God heals, but it seems like people that cooperate with their healing get farther in the healing process? 

Sounds good. Will see what everyone else says. 

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