Saturday, December 05, 2009

Humans Cannot Help But Love Each Other

This is so so so true.
I think loving each other is the "default"

I think love is probably the default in all things earthly or heavenly.
It just seems to be.

Am only speaking from experience and from what I've seen in the world. People generally like each other. They generally aim to like people. Sometimes before they know it, they already like people. And if we hang out with anyone for more than a day or two, we tend to like them. It's weird...but the heart just kinda knits with strangers naturally -- as if we were all born to be brotehrs. And it really does take a lot to dislike a person. And EVEN when we dislike them.... some part of us still really likes them.

I suppose it's because we are made in God's image. God is love. So we are love. God is just. So we are just. God creates. So we create. God loves beauty. So we love beauty. Yet we've lost our likeness to him. We qualify our love. We have strange standards of justice. And yet, sometimes it shines through...that all on earth is so about love.

Yeah, I know this sounds like a bit of a ramble...but it's something I really try to express in my stories -- this natural lovingness we all have...and how stuff in life -- wealth, prejudice, class, fear, snobbery, misunderstandings, pride-- just kinda thwarts it.

How strange it'll be to live in heaven where the unnatural urge to fear will be no more...and to walk around living a natural life -- just loving and being loved.

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