Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Movie-Viewing -- The serial drama edition

I'm watching japanese dramas now...not justmovies.

Started watching a show called houkaga...which means after school
It's a teenage body switch movie. It was good but then I switched. (tee-hee) Am not sure if I could sit through 20 episodes of anything at my computer. Not good for circulation. But it wasn't bad as far as I've seen so far. The annoying thing is that dramas tend not to be completed on the site...even if it says it is.

So moved on to  Nobuta wo Produce    Producing Nobuta
It's about a girl who's being bullied and Shuji who likes to think of himself as the cool and caring guy decides she needs to be helped. He's an interesting character. He's cool but he's friends with nerds, popular kids, everyone
everyone likes him. and he's very self-aware and aware of what it takes to be liked by all. Except he has one enemy --a kid who wants to befriend him but whom he just cannot stand. But they both are gonna work on this girl...but since everyone knows they dislike each other they don't want to be seen as working together. Too embarassing for Shuji. And working together they begin to like each other. The funny thing is how sweet Shuji is.
He's really a kind person. Like he allows the bullying up to a point. But even when he allows it, he gives a limit It's cute in its weird way. I really like shuji. He has a strange relationship with the most beautiful girl in the school. She makes him lunch everyday. But don't know what's going on there. The drama is very sweet so far. All over the world the same kind of sweetness is admired.

But watching a completed series is interesting. Since it's supposedly all up there, I can go to the site and watch it anytime. Or I can zoom ahead. Or watch it all in one sitting or simply not watch the ending. So, yeah, it's weird.

Gaichu -- Harmful Insects

This is a great and totally depressing movie about a depressed mother, a melancholy teenaged girl, pedophiles. Ah, yes, Japan! I really liked it but at the same time I don't like the relentless mean-spiritedness of life in this story.

Saichi lives with her suicidal mother who hardly pays attention to her. The mom seems lonely but she's often seen at a distance. Saichi has had a sexual relationship with her sixth-grade teacher and he's skipped town because he's afraid of trouble. But she still writes to him. He's the only one she has to talk to...and it's one of those complicated pedophiliac relationship where the guy is probably a nice guy. (Yeah, I know... but there you is nothing if not complicated.) She is gossiped about in school because of her mother's suicide attempts and because of the rumors...and because she's a bit odd. But she has a faithful friend Nakuto who worries about her and tries to include her into everything.

Saichi meets a street urchin (love that word) who she befriends. He's another lost child and he's pretty nice. She stops going to school and hangs out with him. But then...the first of the very manipulative nihilistic thing happens and he's out of her life.

Okay, I'm not saying I hated this movie. In fact, I loved this movie. And YET, I totally have to say that I DO NOT like movies that manipulate events in such a way as to create doom for a character. That's all I'll say. No, I'll say something else: the timing of the manipulative events. When you watch a movie and you JUST KNOW some doom is coming, you can't be patient -- if you're a writer who writes and plots stories for a living-- with something designed to be relentlessly unlucky in the life of the character.

Anyway, that's just me.

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