Wednesday, March 17, 2010

General Update

Younger son is going back to school today. After so many months of being outside of school. Will see.

Hubby is getting ready to go on a visit to California to see his father. His dad is 83. I told Luke to pray for his father...even though the family is so secular. Faith and boldness needed.
He's going to calif on saturday for 4 i'm trying to sleep and really drink my water...cause sometimes i need sex to kinda sleep. I really don't want Luke to go, cause I'll have to take care of son. Sleepless woman in pain taking care of young non-verbal son -- for two days. Hard. But God is helpful.

The last email he got from his father was a few days ago and his father basically said "here are the names of the 7 dwarves." That was all. His dad wrote "doc" twice. His dad was a computer programmer from the old days with a very complicated math science program that helped many applications... used by the airline industry to figure out scheduling and time zone
So it's defionitely a case of "what a great mind is here overthrown!" Luke is handling it kinda okay but he's so quiet about stuff. And his mother is kinda weepy on the phone.

Sometimes it's a severe mercy to bring the proud to the ground. Better to be weak and to acknowledge it and die and not go to hell because one sees the need for God. But can someone in dementia really understand his need for God? I also think this is not what God wants as a norm. I think Christians are called to have a life above this. I also wonder about demonic elements in society which make us believe all this is normal.

Delacorte rejected it. Yeah, it's a bit on the religious side. So I kinda thought they might. But sent Onion to a Christian publisher now. Will see what happens. Before, I was trying not to think of the religious aspects of Onion cause I didn't want to stress out at being a religious writer. Now I'm thinking about what makes it not religious enough for Christian publishing. I'll just say that Christian publishing is majorly rigid...and my books tend to be quirky.

Psal is so loveable. I love him so much. As a main character, he is so clueless and so good-natured...when he isn't being whiny. Working on that as well. Working on the revisions...slowly. It's interesting working with a character who is clueless, though. Not wanting him to be stupid or insensitive. Hard row to hoe.

Other than that, living in the throes of unemployment and illness has been interesting. So we're living on younger son's disability check, my pension, and hubby's unemployment check. It's been interesting to say the least. God provides, though.

Older son was at Spring Break


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