Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yay! My Bible Study on RawSistaz ebook readathon

This morning I read the news that my Bible study Seeds of Bible Study: How not to read the Bible will be on the ebook readathon being done by rawsistaz YAY!

I like that little book. I have yet to update the version now up on amazon but the ebook is pretty much updated.

Anyway, I'm super-happy. Why, you may ask? Because my heart is in that little book. My literature-loving heart, my editorial heart (not that the book is really that perfectly edited), and my Bible-loving heart.

I wrote it because I've seen so many people mishandle the word of God...or mishandle words PERIOD. There are a lot of assumptions about stuff in the Bible that is based on people not taking words seriously. Or they don't know how to understand words. Or they don't know how to question their church's traditional understanding of a verse. Or they didn't even know they were reading the Bible wrongly and were mis-interpreting and mis-reading.

So, yeah, it's my little foray in the battle against glibness. And my little battle to make folks learn to read carefully and to know what they're saying about the Bible -- or about anything-- before they repeat it.

Back in the day when I used to teach, I'd warn the kids over and over to practice critical reading....and to be very careful what they repeat -- even if they were repeating something someone very important and famous said. I'm hoping my kids will grow up to be very careful with words. Because, dang!, many Christians, many Christian writers, many secular writers, many intelligent people....just don't examine words that's handed down to them. These are the last days...and even if it makes me look like a pill I'm not going to let some unexamined comment go down without challenging it. Even if the greatest writer or minister supposedly said it.

So yeah, the book is up at the ebook readathon. You can also download it from this site (see column to the left) or from -C

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