Monday, March 01, 2010

Korean and Japanese Movies Recommended to me that I HAVE to see

This is a compiled list from several folks. These don't include the one's I've already seen. Some are very heart-breaking and some are popcorn stuff. They don't include the ones I've seen already and posted on. (A few Chinese flicks thrown in)

Project Makeover
Josee, the Tiger, and The Fish
My Girl and I
Seducing Mr Perfect
Samaritan Girl
The Classic
Legend of the Seven Cutter
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
Becoming Myself
Please teach me English
Marriage is a Crazy Thing
Someone Special
Love & Pop
Love Phobia
Spring Bears Love
The Man who was superman
Old Boy
Dead Friend
Innocent Steps
You are my Sunshine
No One To Watch Over Me
what happened last night
The house guest and my mother
10 Promises to my dog
One liter of tears
You are not alone
Attack of the pinup boys
A tale of two sisters
The Turning Gate
My Sassy Girl
Lovely Complex
100 Days with Mr Arrogant
Romantic Island
He was cool
My first love
My Brother is Type B
Almost Love
My Love
A Wolf's Temptation
Crazy First Love
A moment to Remember
Sweet Lies AKA Lost and Found
Now and Forever
Don't laugh at my romance
Paris Love Story
Beast and the Beauty
When Romance meets Destiny
Dear Enemy
Secret Sunshine
The Case of the Itaewon Homicide
First Kiss
Love Me Not
Frivolous Wife
Old Miss Diary
The sunflower
Daddy long legs
A boy who went to heaven
Tears for you
Princess Aurora
One fine spring day
Once in a summer.
Castaway on the Moon
The Chaser
I'm a Cyborg
Art of Seduction
Kick the Moon
My Tutor Friend 2
And the Rest is Silence
3 Iron House ? <-- I think.... I can't read my handwriting.
White Valentine
The Killer
Baby and Me
Fine, Totally Fine,
My Brother
Voice of a Murderer

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