Monday, August 15, 2011

Dark Parable: Two accusations, two reactions

I dreamed I was in the kitchen when I heard something like someone falling. I glanced out the window and saw a kid lying diagonally his feet in the air near the handlebars, his head near the wheel on the ground. I figured he'd fallen but I said nothing. Two minutes or so later, I ran across the street somewhat agitatedly and said, something like, "What happened? Is everyone okay? I just heard a noise." The kid looked up at me and said, "You lied." Because I had obviously not heard the noise "just now." After that we became good friends and I could tell him anything. I invited him into my messy house, told him about Gabe and he watched while I made something for Gabe to eat. Then I looked out my window and saw an apartment or condo being billed across the street -- same area where the boy had been bicycling earlier. I watched as modular sections were put together and when it was finished I ran over there to explore one of the apartments in the complex. I entered one of the apartments. Two of the construction workers were sitting inside the living room but I saw enough of the place to see it would really suit our family. Other people were there too, other apartment-seekers and folks who had been involved in the real estate. The apartment had furniture in it and the construction workers were discussing among themselves whether the furniture came with the apartment or if stuff was just there to show folks what the apartment would look like furnished. I was going upstairs when I grabbed at the dresser at the bottom of the stairwell. It was so lightweight that it tumbled over and smashed to pieces. Two or three women were standing by. One woman said to me, "Well, I for one am not gonna accept blame for that." I walked over to her and I totally gave her a talking-to. I said, "First of all, I didn't ask you to accept any blame. Who are you that I should specifically point you out as the blame-taker? And why are you assuming I would shirk my responsibility? Why malign me by assumign such a thing?" I said a lot more. She might have been the owner or realestate property rep or something but I thought she was just being too rude.

When I woke up, I realized the dream was about three different things:

First: self-defense and self-defense. We shouldn't defend ourselves against the truth because God is greater than ourselves and He knows our hearts. The human heart wants to defend itself all the time and sometimes doesn't want to hear true Holy Spirit convictions. But we should listen to the Holy Spirit's convictions because then we have a true friend. But when the Accuser accuses us we should defend ourselves by using God's word of truth. We should not allow a lie or an implication to go un-answered. Silence gives consent, in natural law cases, in family situation, and in the spiritual world. A falsity should be challenged, and challenged violently. The violent take it by force.

The second point of the dream was how to understand about different kinds of spiritual accusations. The straight-forward challenge from the boy brought friendship and honesty.  I realized he was right. I think this is the way God challenges us. It's not a cruel accusation but something that sets us on the right path. The way the women accused me is the way the "Accuser" does it; subtly, undermining, implying.

The third aspect of the dream was: the power and use of the word. If we are to use God's words in such a way that angels, the laws of God, and demons respond...then we have to ALWAYS use words carefully. No exaggeration, no subtlety, no pretense...even small. Say something from one's heart or nothing at all.  If the spiritual world understands that we understand the power of words, then our words will be honored and feared. Demons won't be saying, "oh, some of her words fall flat. Oh, some of her words aren't to be taken seriously."

We have to be so careful in our words. Something as simple as "Oh, everybody likes apple pie" just isn't gonna cut it. Using phrases like, "What a crappy day! It's only gonna get worse!" doesn't cut it. Saying stuff like "Cancer runs in my family" isn't the way to go. Stuff like "I hate Mondays; crappy stuff always happens on Mondays" is not the thing to do. No generalizations, whinings, exxagerations, dangerous jestings. Words are precious things. God used them to create the world. If we are to occupy the world and use the powers and authority of God's kingdom, we have to use words carefully.

I suspect the construction workers are symbolic of angels. I'm always dreaming of workers. And the building is the implication that we are all working on a building. Glancing out the window could also mean looking one's eyes. The house is of course the mansion of the soul: our lives, our bodies. The windows being the eyegate of the soul.

I don't know why the dream came up now. But I've been praying and praying and I think that in order to move into actual praying and speaking to the mountain, we have to really see the importance of our words. Like Isaiah whose mouth was purified when he was in the temple in heaven. The mouth is the most difficult thing to sanctify and to tame and out of the abundance of the heartthe mouth speaks. We have to be so careful.

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