Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Testimony Testimony

Just came back from walking. I think I walked for an hour. Not sure but it was very lovely. So while I'm walking on this little hill I suddenly remember a bit of deliverance God did for me. I was a kid when it happened and a thunderstorm suddenly popped up. My friend and I had been playing in the paddleball court and suddenly boom. We ran and ran trying to get home. So we're running and she is faster than I am and is ahead of me. 

I call out to her and am begging her to wait for me and reach out and suddenly a lightning bolt comes straight between us. She was about a foot in front of me and I was running into the lightning bolt. I had to hop and hop and hop on one of my feet in order not to run into the lightning bolt. It was so weird to me that I was not hit but this happened at a time when strange occurrences kept happening to me as if something in the universe was trying to kill me. It was a very weird time. Although this is not as dramatic as the angel stopping me from falling off Bear Mountain, it was pretty memorable. Yet I haven't really thought of it ..but I thought of it now.

So I'm coming home and I'm loving my town and looking at the little grouplets (always a black kid, a hispanic kid, and a white kid! I love this town!) 

So I come down one road and this blonde lady with a bag of garbage comes out of her house. She and her husband are putting garbage out on the street (which is none too bright because the wind is still blowing) and she looks at me and says, "Wow, did you see that tree just fall?"

I look behind me to where she is pointing. She says, "That tree was not down 20 minutes ago. You are lucky!"

So I say to myself: "Oh gee, I just remember my lightning bolt incident. I don't want to give luck the credit. But it'll sound really weird to bring God into this conversation."

So I smiled, we chatter and she says she's seen me and I say I've seen her playing with her son. I start walking home. She says again, "Be careful."

I say, "Oh, don't worry about that! God'll take care of me."

Then I walked on happily. I feel really glad that I was able to affirm God's miracle-keeping power instead of giving the glory to luck. 

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