Monday, August 08, 2011

Dreams, Visions, Deja-vu and other strange occurrences

My friend, Chazz, a very militant atheist recalled something that happened to him while he was in the service in the west on a Native American reservation:  He was in the middle of a desert in the middle of the night when he sees this strange creature. Humanoid but not really. It still perturbs him to this day. I suspect it was a shapeshifter because many folks have encountered shapeshifters on Native American reservations. Yet, demonic, naturalistic, human lost soul, or angelic, this visitation didn't make him believe in God. At best, he believes that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in humanist or Christian philosophy. He's not a Buddhist either, or the adherent to some New Age philosophy. So, yeah, an absolutely militant atheist who believes there are strange humanoid creatures other than man in the world.

So what does it mean: seeing something weird and paranormal isn't gonna convince anyone about the supernatural. Or at least about the ultimate supernatural Good or the ultimate supernatural evil. We humans see a lot of things. Although, I gotta say that I always wonder why it is that so many atheists and agnostics have NOT seen angels, demons, or other supernatural things. I read a survey once that said many Americans had had supernatural experiences. Why haven't the atheists been so blessed? Or have they so steeled their minds against believing or seeing that -- even if something comes to them-- they are unable to see the kingdom of God?

I think of the sweet, wonderful beautiful angel who appeared and smiled at me. I think of the vicious demon I saw in a vision underneath the earth (who saw me and hated me so much.) I think of the two deja-vu experiences in which time rolled back: the car accident where the windshield broke and glass splintered all over me. Then the windshield was suddenly not broken. Nope: I hadn't been confused in the accident. I did actually see the windshield break. Then I saw it utterly not broken. Very odd. In that other time-line, had I been so splintered that I would've ended up in the hospital?

Then there was the time I was talking to a friend on the phone and suddenly time rolled back. I actually felt the reel of time roll back, as if I was a tape being put on rewind to just before the beginning of the phone call. Then when time started again, my friend telephoned again. I picked up the phone knowing it was she. (This was before the days when one had Caller ID) Then, in the middle of talking, I said: "Go finish cooking your soup." She responded, "How did you know I was cooking soup?" That's when I knew she hadn't noticed the time-looping.

(Of course I have to laugh here: when folks talk about deja-vu they totally don't understand what it means to have a LITERAL deja-vu. They're talking about impressions -- which is weird and a strange enough occurrence -- maybe connected with a spirit from that place whispering to them or something) but it's not what I mean when I think of deja-vus. For me, deja-vu means realizing that an angel or God has literally rolled back time. After all, time is an earthly construct. Einstein proved that time/space/mind work a bit differently on earth than on any other place in the universe. After all, we should be able to see both sides of a coin at the same time, and time itself should be flowing in all directions not just one. The earth breaks a lot of rules.

I've never been translated from one place to another in a matter of minutes but it's happened to other folks.

The question remains, though: why is it that some folks see odd things in the world, but other folks claim they have NEVER had a supernatural occurrence? How can one live through life and not have an utterly strange occurrence one is floored by?


J. M. Butler said...

I don't know why some don't see the supernatural, but I know that it leaves me breathless. But then again some folks will always try to pretend that anything that they can't explain doesn't exist. I'm so glad that you're not one of those people and that you're always so bold. Love you!

Carole McDonnell said...

Thanks, Jessica! Sad and scary that folks miss the boat so much. Can you die and to realize the world has always been so magical and that they didn't see it! -C

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