Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pondering Christians who Reject

The christian world is rejecting and it should not be because we are the brothers of Christ, because all the world rejects in so many things. Race, Class, Beauty, Age, Money, Power, Status. The Christian world should not reject. I remember as a kid when I realized that I was one of the few Christian people in my world who actually thought A) Heaven was home B) we are all pilgrims so we should all love each other C) we are all to live by a high ethical and spiritual law D) we are all to live outside the herd.

It surprised me so much that so many Christians seem to be such a part of this world. Maybe one day I will see, really see -- WITHOUT PAIN-- the emptiness of those who have been taught by race, class, beauty, money to reject me and their Christian brothers.

Lord Jesus, you were despised and rejected of men. Yet you were filled with the oil of gladness above your brothers. Heal my heart, Lord. Help me to not be hurt by the world. I love and praise you, Lord Jesus. 

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