Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twisted Sister

Well, here I am pondering sexuality and eroticism. Dark Inheritance wants to be very dark. Very erotic. Very spiritual. Very demonic. All at the same time.

My question is this: If the story wants to be that way, what aspect of myself wants the story to be like that?

Some sexually wounded part of me? Some kinky part of me? I so wish I were saner -- sexually speaking. Then I could stand afar off and say, "Aha! This is how the story should be told." But alas, there are those sexual struggles and wounds and proclivities. What to do?

But the problem goes even deeper. So much of my soul wants to talk about the cruelty in the world, especially the cruelty shown by religious people to other folks. Yeah, i know, it's old. But maybe that's why it's old, we really don't have religious writers dealing with it.

Anyway, what to do? I don't want my story to be full of bitterness. But perhaps some stuff has to be put into a story in order for a person to be healed. Must think.

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