Sunday, November 09, 2008

So who is it for?

Okay, for the past week -- and I think it started around election day-- I've been happening upon the section in Kings where God asks Solomon, "Ask me what you will?" And Solomon asked for wisdom.

Solomon's wisdom aside -- actually, let me just talk about it for a second. Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the people. He didn't ask for wisdom to rule himself. Or else he wouldn't have gotten into betraying God and the religion of his fathers.

Okay, now we can move on. Solomon's wisdom aside. I found myself thinking, "What would I ask God for if God came to me and said, 'Ask what you will!' ?" Healing for my son? Healing for me? Flaky Christian friends? A new house (so I could have Bible studies for folks and help folks? Restoration of all things in my life?

Then I got to thinking....umh... what if all this is about Barack and not about me? Maybe all these coincidences having to do with Solomon's dream is God hinting that I pray and ask God to give President Obama wisdom. Uhm....I'm telling you folks! The coincidences have been overwhelming when it comes to this verse. I read the passage. Then I happen to turn on the radio (or was it the TV) and someone's preaching on it. Or I pick up a Bible on tape cassette casually --without even looking, mind you-- and where are we? With God and Solomon in the dream.

So...what to do? How to tell if the dream is for me or for the president? Uhm, wouldn't hurt to do both, i think. To behave as if the dream is mine, and to also believe that the dream is God telling me to pray for Barack. Might as well. When undecided, do both. -C

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