Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What it means to support our troops:

Great speech

I'm trying to figure out what i think of warriors. I think I like them. I like the foot soldier -- who really is not the old romanticized kind of warrior because they are more like pawns. But even so, they're brave pawns. I don't know if I like the generals though, or the war-lords. I guess there just hasn't been any great noble wars in my lifetime.

But there are spiritual warriors. So I'll think of them on this Veterans' Day. Martin Luther was pretty much a warrior. (But damn -- so anti-semitic in his later years!) There's Mother Theresa and her war against Rejection of the Dying. (I can't say the exact thing she was waging war against when she took all those dying folks off the streets and helped them to die in dignity. Maybe she was just a warrior for life.) I think of Martin Luther Kng's niece and her fight against abortion and its genocidal influence on the black community.

I think of unknown Christian warriors. The prayer warriors who pray all through the night for dying folks. I remember one little old neighborhood lady, a black lady who belongs to the group "Christ's prayer warriors." She prayed over a man who was hit by a car. As everyone waited for the ambulance, she commanded death not to touch the man. I also think of warriors who I really like who aren't what most Christians would like. For instance, my friend Mattilda over at www.nobodypasses.blogspot.com Yeah, he's a sex worker but I consider him a warrior. He fights against injustices and he really cares about the outcasts. More than most American Christians, I think, who seem to be addicted to normalcy.

We all are put on earth to fight something? Cops fight injustice. Doctors fight diseases? Ministers fight humanity's estrangement from God. But we aren't supposed to fight each other. Just ignorance, just hatred, just the devil. And we are clothed with the whole armor of God if we stay in God's word.

I want to be a warrior too. Who knows? Maybe in some ways I already am. Fight the good fight of faith.

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