Friday, November 21, 2008

Wondering: anti-global warming

Hubby and I were pondering -- yep, while in bed-- why so many Christian evangelicals seem to want to not believe in the global warming.

One would think that with the book of Revelations we'd want to believe in GW. (No, not George W.) Is it because the idea of messing up the earth offends them because they don't want to believe man's stewardship can mess up the earth? Is it because global warming tends to blame United States for this problem and American Christians don't want to change their way of life or judge the United States?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why Christians can't care for Gaia, I mean we live here don't we? We are called to be stewards of God's planet, I'm sure He didn't create us with junky, messy thoughts, and ignorance to how to care for our planet, or at least care about the global warming.

I, for one, need to practice "Green Minded" things daily, I try to but I need to remind myself about running water, and putting all trash (no matter how big or small) in trash cans. As far as global warming, CFCs have been main culprit, but I think we had something to do with that as well.

Dawn Fortune said...

I think our pride as humans does not want to allow us to acknowledge that we made a terrible mistake and an awful mess. And our laziness and greed does not want to do what we know we must do to fix the problem: change our behavior. We need to go on a global diet. We need to eat less, drink less oil, walk more, exercise more in general, and do things that might be inconvenient or uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as Americans, we have been taught that there is a quick fix - a pill, perhaps - that we can take to lose the weight without actually having to ever set foot in the gym. Yeah. We are our own worst enemy on this issue.

It is my belief that the earth will cleans herself of her human occupants with our full - if unwitting - cooperation and assistance. Then the earth will be able to start all over again. Perhaps the next evolutionary batch of residents will learn from our errors. Somehow I doubt it, though.

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi Erica:

Folks just like using and using. I suspect at heart we know our father God is very giving. And it makes us very selfish because at heart we know that all things are ours to receive. But we still don't know how to love and care for others. One of my favorite Bible verses is: "The righteous man regards the life of his beast but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."

We really have to remember that the Christianity we have inherited developed through and was tainted by imperialistic nations. I suspect a Christianity that evolved through a more nature-loving group of people would have been more respectful of the earth. Native American Christianity, for instance.

Very true, Dawn. It's definitely pride...with a hefty dose of greed and ignorance.

Love. -C

Anonymous said...

I would love to fellowship with some Native American Christians and learn more about caring for earth as well. Hey, I like the verse!

Carole McDonnell said...

check out the website. Native American spirituality is basically divided into three parts: nature spirituality, typical American churchgoing, and a Christianity that maintains native american spirituality. is part of the world gathering of indigenous christians a group that tries to bring about indigenous christianity so people don't have to give up their culture to become christians. Their schedule is on their website. In the back of wind follower I acknowledged Pastor Richard Twiss, the head of Wiconi Int'l. If you remember... my main charcter Loic tries to create a way to worship the creator which is true yet not too far from his culture. -C

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